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Dec 2022 issue

This is the last issue of the Grapevine for 2022 so we would like to send all our readers and Hands off Glebe supporters our very best wishes for the holiday season and for the New Year



Saturday 11 February

Sydney Town Hall Square

12 noon


An important new booklet from
Hands off Glebe, Glebe Society and Shelter NSW

Wednesday 8 February

5 for 5.30pm

Sydney Town Hall
refreshments All welcome


Thank you to Jamie Parker


Jamie Parker, our local MP, is retiring as MP for the Balmain electorate at the election next March.

Hands off Glebe thanks Jamie most sincerely for all his generous support for our work to defend and extend public housing over many years.

Jamie was an MP close to the people. Our community was always consulted about issues and Jamie always really listened.

Whatever Hands off Glebe needed, Jamie and his staff always responded and did their best to help us.

We will miss him very much.

We all send Jamie a huge thank you and our very best wishes for his future endeavours.


Website Changes

The new website for Hands off Glebe is

It still contains much of the material from the previous website.  We are reconstructing it so it may appear differently as we fix up various parts.

Please go to the call-to-action section of the website which takes you to our current petitions — one on stopping the demolition of 82 Wentworth Park Rd and one on preventing the sale of public homes. Please visit that section and sign the petitions if you have not already done so. 


By Kobi Shetty

The only consideration from successive governments when they are setting public housing policy seems to be money.

The value of the land, the cost of maintenance, and the potential short-term windfall to be made by flogging off publicly owned homes to the private market are all top of mind.

Not only is this approach totally flawed from a financial perspective, but it lacks any consideration of the people who live in public housing.

The human cost of displacing people from their homes is far so down the NSW Government’s list of what is important that it barely gets a mention. Instead it should be an absolute priority, and enough to stop the sell offs.

Governments are responsible for creating a perfect storm when it comes to housing. By turning housing into an investment instead of much needed shelter and pairing that with a total unwillingness to maintain, build or manage public housing, communities are faced with a devastating shortage of homes that people can actually afford.

For those who have been able to get into public housing there is the constant threat of having the rug pulled out from underneath them to make way for wealthy buyers.

We know how important the connection to community, proximity to work and friends and familiarity of the local neighbourhood are for our wellbeing and our sense of belonging.

Public housing tenants deserve to be treated with respect, and to be allowed to live their lives in their communities in secure, stable, well-maintained homes.

[Kobi Shetty is the Greens candidate for the seat of Balmain, replacing retiring Jamie Parker MP]


By Hannah Middleton

Everyone has the right to a decent, well-maintained, affordable home for themselves and their families.

Government considers new public housing as a cost. But it is an asset that generates a return over time in the form of rental income and capital gains.

Public housing is subsidised housing, not charity. Governments should maintain and expand housing supply as an essential service to meet social needs.

Social housing usually means housing managed by non-government social housing providers.

Public housing has many advantages. It provides stability and lowers the risk that vulnerable families become homeless. It decreases housing stress and bylimiting housing costs, public housing leaves families with more resources for expenses like child care and transport as well as basic needs like food and medicines.

Public housing helps create a stable environment for children, contributing to improved levels of school attendance and educational outcomes.

Public housing located near public transport can help low-income residents save money, access better jobs, improve health and reach critical community services.

The number of homeless and unstably housed seniors is growing, creating serious health consequences. Public housing can promote better mental and physical health, improved quality of life and independence for low-income seniors. It can also enable them to remain in their home communities.

Hands off Glebe regards social housing as a form of privatisation and fights to defend and extend public housing on public land.

United to defend and extend public housing: Ian Stephenson (Glebe Society), Jenny Long (NSW MP), Carolyn Ienna (public housing tenant), Jess Scully (Sydney City Councillor), Sylvie (Deputy Lord Mayor),Denis Doherty (Hands off Glebe), John Engeler (Shelter NSW)