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protesting the selling of public housing by Belle real estate.

Media release

November 10 2022

Protest against sales of public housing

Glebe residents and supporters of public housing will protest the sell off of homes on the Glebe Estate on Thursday November 10 from 4 to 6 pm outside Belle Real Estate at 84 St Johns Road, Glebe.

“With a bit of political will, these homes could easily be refurbished to offset the crisis in low-income housing in Sydney.  Instead, the NSW Government is selling them to the well off who in turn will most likely engage in housing speculation,” said Denis Doherty from community group Hands off Glebe.

“We estimate the LAHC has sold around 40 homes on the Glebe Estate, gathering a few millions while for the cost of a few hundred thousand dollars these properties could be put to good use housing low-income earners.

“Neoliberalism is being widely discredited but when it comes to housing the NSW Government is still refusing to provide homes at a subsidised rate for NSW citizens.

“Defend and extend public housing in NSW!

“We consider that real estate agents have a choice when it comes to what they will sell or not sell.  The case for these homes not to be sold is strong.

“Belle Real Estate has been informed of our view of their corporate behaviour which we find less than satisfactory.

“If netball players can stand up Gina Rinehart over climate change and $15 million, surely a wealthy real estate agency can stand up for public housing for the poor!”  Mr Doherty continued.

“We will be letting Belle know of our displeasure on Thursday November 10 at their office in Glebe at 4 pm. 

“We will be holding a protest to bring attention to the fact that public housing in Glebe is under fierce attack.  Time to resist.!”