Write to the minister! Date October 2011

The Hon Gregory Pearce
Minister for Finance and Services
State Parliament
Macquarie St, Sydney 2000
Address ___________
Postcode __________

Dear Minister,
I/We are very worried by the development by the NSW Government Dept of Housing project in Cowper St, Glebe.
I/We call on you to develop project along these lines:
• That the land at the Cowper Street Development be used for 100% public housing or affordable housing.
• That the proposed extension of Elger Street through to Bay St be stopped.
• That the buildings are to be limited to 6 stories, 250 units.
• That landscaping or open space is 40% of the property.
• No building of bed sits for old people but the accommodation made available for the older generation be of a standard that supports that person in the community for as long as possible.
Yours sincerely

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