2013 Glebe Grapevine Media Release

Media Release Aug 17 2013 LAUNCH OF GLEBE GRAPEVINE

Media Release

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Community newsletter – the Glebe Grapevine to be launched Sat Aug 17

On Saturday 17 August 2013 at the Old Fire Station 115 Mitchell Street Glebe the Glebe community will come together to launch its newsletter The Glebe Grapevine, and the DVD 50 ways to hold your fence up.  Urban protection icon Jack Mundey and local Greens MP Jamie Parker will be asked to launch the community newsletter, The Glebe Grapevine, and a satirical you tube “50 Ways to Hold Your Fence Up” at the Old Fire Station in Mitchell Street, Glebe this Saturday 17 August at 2pm.


The newsletter and DVD are an initiative of Hands Off Glebe, a resident’s group committed firstly to the preservation and extension of public housing as well as the conservation of the historic urban landscape of Glebe.


According to the Auditor General’s recent report on Making the best use of public housing July 30 2013:  “It is estimated that all social housing only meets 44 per cent of need in New South Wales.”


The State Governments of both major parties have been trying to free themselves of the responsibility of public housing and it shows in Glebe as well as in other places.  Neglect and selling off of public housing in Glebe is common it is time for this process to be stopped by concerted community action.  Hence our campaigns via the newsletter Glebe Grapevine and social media.  We have had some success in getting some maintenance carried out.


Hands off Glebe started because of the Cowper Street Project in Glebe where 134 units were demolished to make way for high rise development and 50% of the public land is to be alienated to the private sector.  An issue we are still fighting.


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