2013 Maintenance of Housing

When is a leak not a leak? ans When housing say it is not a leak!

We received this reply to our letter about a leak at the rear of a property in Mitchell St.

“Land and Housing Corporation advise that plumbers have since located and repaired the leaking storm water drain.”

to which we replied

We have photos of this leak which we are putting online and we can give you the url so you can also see that the leak is not fixed.

At the same time it is wise to remember xxxx is dependent on a wheel chair and the spot where this leak occurs is right in the spot where XXX exits her property.  In a sense you are confining her to her dwelling and making it impossible for her to move around the community.

We demand urgent action as this type of response is against all the publicly stated sentiments of the O’Farrell Government.

Fixing a plumbing problem is not beyond the skill set of the Land and Housing Corporation.