2013 Glebe Youth Service



Dear friends and supporters of Glebe Youth Service


This is to let you know the latest news in the campaign to return Glebe Youth Service to its home at 84 Glebe Point Road.


Since the shock lockout on 28 November, with the support of the wider community, Glebe Youth Service has continued in difficult circumstances to provide its regular programs from different locations in the Glebe area.


On Wednesday 11 December, members of the GYS Management Committee met with representatives of the NSW Land & Housing Corporation (LAHC) and Housing NSW to discuss the Fire Safety Assessment report on the premises.  This was a closed meeting, because to date the report has been made available only to the GYS Management Committee.  (City of Sydney Council has subsequently been provided with a copy of the report and will conduct an independent fire safety assessment.)


The representatives from LAHC included engineers who had assessed the Fire Safety report made by independent consultants, and who were there to answer questions from the Management Committee.


LAHC assured the Management Committee that they are investigating all options to enable GYS to return to its premises.  Their focus has shifted from an investigation of the overall structural integrity of the building, to finding a solution to the fire safety risk and thus allowing GYS to provide all its services from the building.  They can’t say how long it will take to find a solution, particularly since we are coming into the Christmas period.  However, they told us the decision, which will be made within the Department of Family and Community Services, will be based not merely on the financial aspects, but will take into account the views of the funder (GYS is primarily funded by Community Services) and the importance of GYS to the Glebe community.


(The NSW Land and Housing Corporation, Housing NSW and Community Services all fall within the NSW Department of Family and Community Services; the Minister responsible for this Department is Pru Goward.)


While waiting for the decision, GYS has accepted the offer by HNSW to use a two storey terrace next to the old fire station in Mitchell Street, which is very close to the premises in Glebe Point Road.  This terrace has been used by HNSW for storage up to now; we are assured that the weekly Housing Outreach at this building will continue, in a location within easy reach of Glebe residents.


Glebe Youth Service Management Committee hold firmly to the belief that the best location to fully deliver its broad range of services to the youth of Glebe is at it’s home of the last 15 years at 84 Glebe Point Rd.


Glebe Youth Service Management Committee will continue to do all it can to make sure the Service gets back to its premises in Glebe Point Road as soon as possible.  We encourage all our supporters to:

  • Come to the rally on Saturday 14 December at 11 am at 84 Glebe Point Road
  • Write to Minister Goward to tell her how important it is that GYS return to the building and continue its vital work with the young people of Glebe


The GYS Management Committee congratulates its magnificent staff, especially Acting Coordinator Amy O’Neill and Youth Worker Luke Chesworth on maintaining activities and services to the young people of Glebe during this incredibly difficult and stressful period.


For further information please contact:

Patrick Cunningham, 0418 603 264

Greg Dwyer, 0421 505 295

Hilary Chesworth, 0423 252 535

Roelof Smilde, 0401 711 032