Glebe Grapevine

February 2014 Issue 5

You heard it here!

Issue 5.  February 2014


Join us to demand proper maintenance of public housing

Assemble 11 am Thursday 27 March

Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park North

March to Parliament House 11.30am


We demand $330 million for
public housing maintenance in 2014



We are looking for supporters who will donate $10 each month to pay for printing the Glebe Grapevine. Our target is $3,600 to print 7 or 8 issues in 2014. Please send cheques, payable to Hands off Glebe, to P.O. Box 145, Glebe NSW 2037. Send electronic transfers to: SGE Credit Union, BSB  659000, account name Hands off Glebe-Grapevine; account number 755116.







Proposed “Silent” Changes to the Glebe Scene


A view of Westmoreland street today with its wide vista and lovely trees all of which are due to be removed
A view of Westmoreland street today with its wide vista and lovely trees all of which are due to be removed


This is one of the streetscapes of Glebe which we all know and love – the wide open vistas and tree-lined avenues that are Westmoreland, Derwent and Mt Vernon Sts. These views are under direct threat from City Council which is proposing large mid street plantings and removal of mature figs from footpaths and replacement with smaller trees. Very few people are aware of these proposed changes – the only consul-tation seems to have been a letterbox drop in Westmoreland St. Only three responses were received to this – two with strong reservations, one in favour. This is hardly “consultation”!

Commonwealth Bank

Another proposal which has “snuck in under the radar” is to demolish most of the Commonwealth Bank site in Glebe Point Rd. The proposal, which was lodged by the building owner [not the bank who rent the premises – it was a shock to them too] would replace the bank with two smaller commercial spaces and upstairs private units. At the very least the bank – the only one left in Glebe – will need to relocate. It could disappear altogether.  We are already the village without a Post Office – are we about to become a village without a bank?

Together we saved Glebe Youth Service!

In late November the Glebe Youth Service (GYS) building was closed and the workers locked out. Our community rallied to defend the building from being sold off by the NSW Liberal government, with a public meeting and then a rally at Glebe markets. Letters and petitions flooded into the office of the NSW minister responsible, Pru Goward. The support from political parties (Greens, ALP, and CPA), Glebe community groups, the Koori community and many others was fantastic.

Hands off Glebe was there. We held a daily vigil for 2 weeks outside the GYS building at 84 Glebe Point Road where 410 angry Christmas cards were signed and mailed to Pru Goward.  Signs saying ‘Save Glebe Youth Service’ lined the main road and many hundreds of commuters and residents of Glebe became well aware of the fight to save the centre.

As a result of all these efforts, the Glebe Youth Service will return to its home on Glebe Point Road by mid-February, a victory for the power of community campaigning.



Inquiry into NSW Public Housing

The ability of NSW public housing to meet demand over the coming decade will come under scrutiny during a parliamentary inquiry. The select Committee will examine social, public and affordable housing stock across the state to determine whether supply will meet demand.

Submissions can be sent to the inquiry until 28 February. Hands off Glebe will make a submission. We would welcome your suggestions about what should be included so please send us your ideas. Alternatively make your own submission.

Submissions should be sent to The Director, Select Committee on Social, Public and Affordable Housing, Parliament House, Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000




Many Glebe tenants have lived for years in substandard  homes because of the reluctance of Housing NSW to properly maintain their properties.  Time after time tenants call the ‘Maintenance Line’ only to have their requests for repairs and maintenance ignored.

This March, as well as marching on March 27, write to Housing NSW about your maintenance needs and demand to know when they will be attended to.  If your requests are not met within a reasonble time, you can apply for orders that Housing NSW carry out the work.  Hands off Glebe can put you in touch with organisations such as the Redfern Legal Centre who can help you with this.

Send your maintenance list to:
Housing NSW, 234 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
Remember to keep a copy for your records and make a note of Housing NSW’s response (if  any).

To get you started, we have compiled a list of frequent maintenance issues:

  • Do you have urgent repairs that need doing, such as plumbing or electrical work?
  • Is your home a health and safety hazard because of damp?
  • Are your stair railings or balconies in danger of collapse?
  • Are your gutters in poor condition?
  • Are your gates and fences secure?
  • Do your windows open and shut freely?
  • Are your floor coverings in a safe and serviceable condition?
  • Are your cupboards and benches in good and seviceable condition?
  • When was the last time your home was painted?
  • Are tree roots damaging your home?


Authorised by Denis Doherty

The Glebe Grapevine is a publication of Hands Off Glebe Inc.

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