General Information

Annual Report of Hands off Glebe



7 May 2014



Hands off Glebe was incorporated in June 2013.

Hands off Glebe Inc has held regular monthly meetings and have a bank account with the SGE Credit Union.

Meetings are minuted and minutes circulated by email or post to members. Regular finance reports are tabled at meetings.

Hands off Glebe Inc has set up a post box and a website.


Hands off Glebe Inc launched its “50 Ways to Keep Your Fence Up” CD and the Glebe Grapevine at a public event in August 2013. We had a good crowd which included Jack and Judy Mundy, Jamie Parker MP and Cllr Linda Scott… and who can forget Diane’s cake with its purple icing!

In March 2014 Hands off Glebe Inc held its “March for Maintenance in March”. We had a good crowd outside Parliament House, despite pouring rain. Speakers included ALP Leader John Robertson, local MP Jamie Parker, and representatives of public housing tenants from Millers Point, Kings Cross, Camperdown, Wollongong and other areas.


Since its first issue in May 2013, Hands off Glebe Inc have written, had printed and letterboxed 5,000 copies of a total of seven (7) issues of the Glebe Grapevine.

In some cases the number was increased to 6,000 when free printing was donated.

Organising printing and letterboxing is co-ordinated by Denis and carried out efficiently and speedily by a team of “Grapevine Walkers” who now each have their regular areas..


Hands off Glebe Inc has produced a CD on broken fences in Glebe (many Hands off Glebe Inc then repaired) and an audio disk of satirical songs.

We have uploaded the following Youtube clips
Glebe fences
4 clips of launch
demolition at Cowper Street
4 films of the March for Maintenance

Hands off Glebe Inc has produced a range of leaflets which have been delivered at events or locally. (display file available)

Hands off Glebe Inc has sent out media releases and gained some media coverage for our campaigns and events. (display file available)

Hands off Glebe Inc members have attended many public meetings and have spoken there on a range of issues.

Hands off Glebe Inc collected signatures on a petition to have the Cowper Street site used exclusively for public housing and this was tabled for us in State Parliament by local MP Jamie Parker.

The campaign to get the leak (now officially called a “discharge”) off Mitchell Street was underway in May 2013 and is still going on!

Hands off Glebe Inc has campaigned for repair of fences, the removal of the “hanging gardens”, the reorganisation of Westmoreland Street, rising rents and other local issues.


Hands off Glebe Inc has sent in many submissions regarding Cowper Street and the development at 87 Bay Street.

We also made submissions to the NSW Select Committee of Enquiry into public housing.

Hands off Glebe Inc members have attended many Council meetings and have spoken there on a range of issues.


Hands off Glebe Inc has raised fiancés for its activities through membership fees, donations and appeals.

All seven issues of the Grapevine have been funded through donations and appeals. The Grapevine Printing Appeal begun at the end of 2013 has so far raised $1,880 – enough to pay for printing 4 issues.

We are currently running a guessing competition (raffle) to raise funds for our general work.


Hands off Glebe Inc has actively supported the campaigns to:

Save the Glebe Youth Service

Stop the sell off of public housing at Millers Point and The Rocks

Stop the building of an outsize supermarket at Harold Park

Prevent unsuitable road access to Harold Park


Hands off Glebe Inc would not survive without the range of support we receive. We would like to express our special thanks to:

  • Jamie Parker MP and the staff at his office
  • The MUA and the CFMEU for our 2 banners and for much photocopying
  • Our Grapevine walkers:  Adam, Ann, Barry, Denis, Diane, Erica, Hannah, Jennifer, Jules & Jenny, Julie, Michael, Michele, Peter, Simon and Shimi.
  • All our donors