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Glebe Ferry Service – Yes we can! p4 Glebe Grapevine

By Jamie Parker MP

Excellent public transport is at the heart of a liveable city that is so-cially just and efficient. Instead of pushing an agenda of destructive and expensive tollways we have been pressing for more ferry ser-vices to reduce road congestion and pollution.

Along with thousands of residents, we are campaigning for new ferry stops for Glebe, Annandale and White Bay and the return of services to the West Balmain ferry wharf.

Over 5000 locals have already signed a petition in support of our plan and a feasibility study completed by my office shows the proposals will work.

Our city needs more publically owned public transport. I’ve already met with the Minister for Transport to present the case for new local ferry services and I’m confident these efforts are making an impact.

We’re pushing for a service that is compatible with the current Opal system to provide more direct routes into the city.

Even if we can win a trial service, I am sure it will be a success and can then be integrated into the wider fer-ry network. Watch this space.