Save Franklyn St

Save Franklyn St

Berejiklian policies do nothing for homelessness

With 60,000 families, elderly, needy and all, on the waiting list, the Berejiklian Government announced today that it would bulldoze 112 dwellings of a sound, 30 year old complex in Glebe. They promise that the replacement housing – a 30% public, 70% private mix – will be a gain for all. However, this will not be so for those living in the generous, leafy, award winning complex as they are forced out of their homes into temporary accommodation away from their friends, family, doctor, schools, etc.

“As a resident of Franklyn/Glebe/Bay Streets complex, I know there will be a lot of distress caused to very vulnerable people by this cavalier approach to demolishing social housing.  In previous moves like this in Cowper Street, Glebe and Millers Point people have committed suicide, been hospitalised and the stress levels have risen remarkably.” said Ms Emily Bullock.

“Some tenants have lived in this complex since it was built. They know Glebe and love it,” she continued. “Housing NSW must accommodate these families, elderly and needy tenants for up to five years somewhere else, in existing Housing NSW homes, with a promise of return. But those temporary homes could be permanent homes for the people on the waiting list.“

The bulk of the new homes will go to private owners. By selling most of the property into private hands, the Berejiklian Government fails in its duty to care for the needy. Sydney does not need any more privately owned properties. NSW needs more public housing.

“We have been campaigning for the NSW Government to invest real money in social housing and we are not alone,” said Dr Hannah Middleton from the local community group Hands off Glebe Inc.

“The CFMEU and the Master Builders along with dozens of church and other advocates have been petitioning the NSW Government to invest in social housing to help solve unemployment and social disadvantage brought on by the Covid recession.

“Instead the Government is using trickery to pretend it is doing something about housing for the people when it is just handing over profits to developers. This is shameful behaviour!” Hannah Middleton said.

The Berejiklian Government’s policy does not deliver any real increase in investment in desperately needed public housing or any decrease in homelessness.

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