82 Wentworth Prk Road

82 Wentworth Park Road fights for survival

Media Release Tuesday August 22nd

Hundreds of objections to the planned demolition of public housing complex 82 Wentworth Park Road in Glebe will be presented to Parliament on Wednesday 23 August.

“The Royal Institute of British Architects has created the new prize to encourage architects to pour their creativity into refurbishing existing buildings, rather than demolishing them,” said Emily Valentine, Secretary of community group Hands off Glebe.

“If developers replace an existing building with a new one, vast amounts of CO2 are created to make the bricks, cement and steel for the replacement. If instead they can renovate the existing building, emissions are greatly reduced,” she said.

“Why are Housing Minister Rose Jackson’s staff insisting on demolishing 82 Wentworth Park Road and rejecting the latest thinking on energy in buildings?” Ms Valentine asked.

Caroline Ienna, a former public housing tenant at 82 Wentworth Park Road, points out that her former home is just across the road from the arches of Wentworth Park where many homeless men and women sleep.

“The time for housing the homeless is now. Refurbish the units in my old home which are now empty and get them used for their original purpose – to house people on low incomes,” Ms Ienna said.

“The government must recognise the human, financial and environmental costs of demolition. They should spend the millions planned for demolition and rebuilding to instead expand public housing on the old Glebe Fish Market site,” said Denis Doherty from Hands off Glebe.

“Until they do, Hands off Glebe members and supporters will continue fighting to save 82 Wentworth Park Road,” he concluded

Time: 10.30 am

Where: outside Parliament House Macquarie Street

Date: Wednesday August 23.