General Information

General Information

The NSW Department of Housing plans to redevelop the housing estate in Glebe bounded by Wentworth Street, Bay Street, Cowper Street, and the rear of premises on Queen Street.
The plan includes:
· Demolition of 134 existing units.
· Construction of 153 ‘social housing’ units
· Plus construction of 83 affordable housing units.
· Plus construction of 250 privately owned units.
· Plus construction of retail spaces (shops) in Bay and Wentworth Streets
Hands Off Glebe calls on the Federal and NSW State Governments to:
· Abandon the proposed demolition of public housing flats in Glebe.
· Abandon the proposed construction of public housing in Glebe as high rise high density development.
· Abandon proposals to redevelop publicly owned land in Glebe as privately owned high rise units.
· Preservation of the historic townscape of Glebe and the protection of its low income community.
· Abandon plans to house public tenants in small high rise units.
· Divert funds allocated to the above proposals to pay instead for the expansion and improvement of public housing, especially by maintaining and where required upgrading existing homes.
Government lies!
The Government claims it is building better housing for public tenants, but the new units will be inferior to the existing homes. But there will be:
· Less access to light and ventilation.
· Most bathrooms fully enclosed.
· Smaller units.
· No gardens.
· No areas to dry washing.
· Overshadowing of units and open space on the site.
· Combined living, dining and kitchen areas even in two bedroom units.
· No parking for public tenants.

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