Westmoreland St

Hands off Glebe and Grapevine Correspondent reply to Council

GG correspondent replies

This still does not answer the concerns that have been expressed to me – especially the fact that the central plantings make life difficult for residents – they no longer have direct access to neighbours across the road, indeed can not even see their houses particularly well. Getting around in wheelchairs, on walkers becomes more difficult – having to travel additional metres up and down road to get around the plantings. Additional overshadowing – which WAS an original concern expressed about the fig trees – will cause some people grief. The issue of parking and through traffic also becomes problematic – less vision for pedestrians and drivers and a “cramped in” feeling overall as opposed to what is now a wide and open boulevard.


I am unaware of any “public” consultation re this.


Also I don’t believe that the current figs will remain for too long – there have been statements made about “when they come to the end of their life” “reach full maturity” etc they will be removed as they are seen as unsuitable.