82 Wentworth Prk Road

The fight for 82 continues no 2

Letter no 2

Dealing with the Environmental Consequences
of demolishing 82 Wentworth Park Rd

We have prepared this letter dealing with the environmental consequences of demolishing public housing. Please use this sample letter or use it to send your own letter to Minister Jackson as soon as you can.

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The Hon. Rose JACKSON, MLC

Minister for Housing and Homelessness
Parliament House
Macquarie Street

Dear Rose Jackson

Most of the built environment is still designed using a linear consume-dispose approach. Transitioning to a circular economy would not only permit the reduction of resource consumption and the carbon footprint, but also address the waste problem. 

The environmental impacts caused by demolition and subsequent construction include land space consumption, landfill depletion, energy and non-energy resource consumption, resource depletion, air pollution, noise pollution, and water pollution.

The environmental impacts of refurbishment compared to demolition are not only about energy and carbon, but also about the environmental impacts of the production of water, concrete, steel, timber, glass and many other materials used in the construction of new buildings, and the impact of the waste that is generated through demolition and construction.

There is a lot of embodied carbon in a building structure, especially in the concrete and steel. With today’s technologies, renovating has become a lot easier and sustainable. We have to stop the current practice of knocking down structures to rebuild from scratch.

When a building is demolished and its materials are hauled off to the dump, all the energy embedded in them is also lost. This consists of all that was expended in the original production and transportation of the materials, as well as the manpower used to assemble the building.

Analysing this embedded energy links it to issues of air pollution and climate change (from the transport of materials and labour), natural resource depletion (forests, metals, gravel) and the environmental consequences of extracting materials.”

I call on you, Minister, to adopt a policy that acknowledges these and more environmental impacts of sending usable buildings to landfills.’

Specifically I urge you to set aside the DA for 82 Wentworth Park Road and to instead adopt the retention and refurbishment approach towards this habitable public housing complex.

Yours sincerely,