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Glebe Grapevine March 2024

working for a reversal on the 82 decision

You heard it here!

Thursday 28 March 5.30pm

Community Room, 75 St Johns Road, Glebe

Guest speaker: Jenny Leong

Member for Newtown in the NSW Parliament

Greens NSW housing spokesperson

Refreshments will be available

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The fight for 82 continues

Hands off Glebe has not given up on the fight to save the 82 Wentworth Park Road public housing complex from demolition.

We are developing a detailed response to the Land and Housing Corporation’s attack on our plan for renovation of the existing flats and the addition of some extra homes on the site. We will share this when it is finalised.

We are also aware of some discussions around other homes in the same street and will keep an eye on these developments.

We remain committed to lobbying the NSW Government to adopt an approach of renovating public housing instead of the outmoded approach of evictions, demolition and rebuilding which has considerably more negative social and environmental effects and is more expensive.

You can help with this campaign by writing to Housing and Homelessness Minister Rose Jackson.

We have prepared two letters dealing with the social and environmental consequences of demolishing public housing. Please use these sample letters or use them to send your own letters to Minister Jackson as soon as you can.

You can access our letters using the links here. There are instructions on how to write to the Minister on these links. Please let us know if you have sent a letter via messenger on our Facebook page. @HandsoffGlebe

Social impact of demolishing 82 Letter

Letter is here:

Environmental Letter

letter is here:

The NSW Labor Government is proposing wholesale rezoning of our community that they want to see finalised by June this year.

Despite the massive changes this would bring, the government has not engaged in proper consultation with our community.

The proposals could:

  • Rezone large parts of the Inner West for medium to high-rise development
  • Override local council planning controls – giving no right of refusal on many developments
  • Interfere with local affordable housing targets
  • Further threaten our tree canopy targets Override local heritage protections

February 25 Meeting at Glebe Town Hall

This meeting was called by local MP Kobi Shetty and Sylvie Ellsmore, City of Sydney Councillor. The message these Greens leaders wanted to convey was that the rezoning would be a massive boost for developers (the already wealthy) but it is no solution to the housing crisis and would increase inequality.

It is time that zoning was in the hands of the community and government, not in the hands of developers.

It is not too late to send a submission to the Planning Minister. Please act quickly and send your thoughts to: The Hon Paul Scully, GPO 5341, Sydney NSW 2001.

Homeless dying too soon

Matthew Talbot Hostel, a homeless service run by St Vincent de Paul in Woolloomooloo, says data from about 4,000 patients attending its health clinic shows those experiencing homelessness are dying at an average age of 55.9.

Matthew Talbot Hostel’s clinic manager, Julie Smith, said: “We have been aware that homeless people die 25 to 30 years younger than the general population…. We’ve known forever that they die prematurely and they die, in many cases, of preventable illness, due to their circumstances.”